Wall Wraps - Wall Decals - Wall Murals

Size: Decal - Patch (up to 4' x 8') Floor Level
Material: Standard Wall Media
Installation (up to 120 miles): No Installation


Wall Wraps - Wall Decals - Wall Murals

Wall Wraps - Wall Decals - Wall Murals add color and excitement to hallways, conference rooms, or any blank wall in your facility with wall murals. Adhesive graphics that are applied to the surface of the wall, wall murals offer a perfect way of showcasing recent championships, highlighting top athletes, or simply adding more branding to your venue. Dress up your locker room, offices, hallways, staircases, and more with large wall murals.

Think out-of-the-box and use Wall Wraps - Wall Decals - Wall Murals to brand your elevator doors or large columns in your facility. Display your team logo, showcase a sponsor, or promote an upcoming event on your elevators that your fans won’t miss.

At North State Signs & Printing, we have Wall Wraps - Wall Decals - Wall Murals that can be applied on rough surface that allow you to take your ideas outdoors and also allow branding of tricky interior surfaces such as painted cinder block walls. Rough surface wall murals work with most concrete, brick, and cement wall surfaces. Enhance your ticket windows, concession areas, bleacher fascias, and more with a purpose built rough surface wall mural.

Wall Wraps - Wall Decals - Wall Murals are a great way to dress up unsightly or tired-looking areas of any building or facility and give the appearance of a major renovation, without the larger monetary expenditures and much longer construction timelines of a construction project.

For your special event branding needs, we offer temporary wall murals that will cleanly remove off of your wall when your event is over.

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