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Yard signs or sidewalk signs are one of the easiest and most effective methods to market a message. Commercial entities may use clever and hilarious sidewalk signs to attract the attention of impulse buyers. Local government offices may utilize these signs for signs that involve warnings, rules, and regulations – adding a slight shock factor since most people do not associate humor with the law.  North State Signs and Printing in downtown Raleigh always carries yard signs and sidewalk signs in stock that are ready to print!  Yard signs Raleigh

Yard signs or sidewalk signs also work well for specific events such as weddings, birthday parties, and holiday events. The great thing about a yard sign or sidewalk sign is that they don’t have to be boring.  North State Signs and Printing can help you design to include images, colorful text, and patterns. Additionally, they are a cost effective way to promote any message.  Cafés utilize sidewalks signs to entice customers to come in for a caffeine fix.

Humor is welcome!

While each company uses different messaging and imagery, humor definitely makes these your signs stand out!  Real estate companies looking to differentiate themselves know that humor is the way to go when it comes to effective sidewalk signs: Taking pop culture into consideration, a few realties have included “Zombie- Free” or “Not Haunted” under their “For Sale” signs.  Bars also use sidewalk signs to draw in potential customers. Some examples of hilarious and effective signs include: “Soup of the day: Whiskey” “When life gives you lemons, slice those suckers up and find some tequila” with images of lemons, a shot glass, and a salt shaker.

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  • 4 mm corrugated plastic blanks
  • Pre-cut stock sizes and colors
  • All pre-cut corrugated plastic is square cut
  • Blanks are available in white, yellow, black, dark blue, red and opaque white.