Now renting feather flag – Now renting sail banner

$140.15 incl sales tax

now renting feather flag – now renting sail banner – Let prospective tenants know about your vacancy with one of our colorful  flags!  This now renting feather flag – now renting sail banner is perfect for apartments or hotels to let people know to come stay!  This Feather Flag is suitable for indoors and outdoors.  Effectively advertise with our now renting feather flag – now renting sail banner.  Need a custom flag?  Contact us using the Request a Quote link!

Included with the flag is the pole and ground stake needed to erect it.  The ground stake is used when solid soil exists where the flag is to be displayed.  If you are erecting it on a sidewalk or indoors, you will need to add a square or cross base, described below.  You can add these items at checkout.

Base Options:

Ground Stake — Best choice for outdoor use where solid soil is available.  Included with purchase of flag.
Square base — great for indoor use, or outdoor settings with windy conditions.  Best for areas with a lot of foot traffic.
Cross Base — This base is great for flags that may require travel.  Be careful to place it so that there is no tripping hazard in high foot traffic areas.
Water Bag for Cross Base — If you’ll be using your cross base outdoors where there may be windy conditions, this water bag will add greater stability.


Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 6.1 × 6 × 55 in
Now Renting Variations

Red on Yellow, Blue on Yellow